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In 2011 I quit my job and hit the road. I climbed my way across the vast and wild space of the American West, enchanted not only by the beauty of the land but also by the passion and stories of the people I met along the way. Life on the road: simple, dirty, messy, wonderful. Passion and life became one, and I became inspired. I picked up a camera and began to document what I saw. I haven't stopped since.

In my images and stories I search for moments that capture the magic of the climbing world and a life lived outdoors. Raw, rugged, imperfect, inspiring. I've evolved much as a photographer since I first hit the road. Along the way I've established long first ascents in the mountains and been on expeditions to some of the wildest, most exposed places on the planet. My comfort both on the sharp end and behind the lens allows me to document unique stories in places that most people, and even most photographers, cannot reach.

Over the years many people have asked me where they could buy prints of my work, but I was always too busy to do all but fulfill individual orders from friends. Finally, after procuring an incredible Galen Rowell image for my wall (unfortunate, as I still live in my van), I realized I would love to see my images grace a few walls as well. Thus, this print shop was born. I am psyched to be able to share my work with you, and hope you see something here that you find beautiful and inspiring.

Much love,